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The Fall/Winter edition of the GMR is out

Happy Holidays! As we leave 2014 behind, here is the Fall/Winter issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Reivew  : GMR n° 3 Fall Winter 2014 You won’t want to miss S.E. Philippe … Continue reading

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“Ukraine : prémices de guerre froide en Europe?”

The President’s book on Ukraine and the cold war in Europe, Prémices de guerre froide en Europe ,  published by the French editor, l’Harmattan, in French, under the Raisonnance Collection, directed by … Continue reading

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The President conducts Risk assessment seminar on the Black Sea

Thank you to Elisabeth Albrycht @ealbrycht @iscom for her invitation to conduct a week long seminar on “Strategic Risk analysis assessment of the wider Black Sea region”. And our fifth-year … Continue reading

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Slavtcho Neykov joins the Scientific Council

We are pleased to announce that Slavtcho Neykov has  joined the Observatory’s Scientific Council. Recently nominated Chairman of the Managmenet Board of the Energy Management Institute in Sofia, Mr Neykov … Continue reading

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Gülmira Rzayeva joins the Scientific Council

We are pleased to announce that Gülmira Rzayeva has joined the Scientific Council. Her complete profile is available under Research/Scientific Council/Gülmira Rzayeva.

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GMTF Chairman, Jean-Paul Pancracio, publishes new articles

Herewith a list of recent publications by our GMTF Chairman on the Arctic, naval bases abroad, diplomacy law  : « Un régime spécifique : les bases navales en territoire étranger », Questions internationales, … Continue reading

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Roundtable on Energy Security in the Black Sea at the Cercle de la Mer in Paris

Our Fall/Winter edition of the Geostrategic Maritime Review (GMR 3) brought together professionals of the energy sector to discuss energy security in the Black Sea at the Cercle de la … Continue reading

November 27, 2014

The President invited to speak on Energy security in Bucharest

The Crisis and Prevention Center and the Silk Road association organised a conference on Energy Security at the magnificent  parliament in Bucharest.  Herewith is the Tentative Program_Energy security conference.  Here is … Continue reading

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The President invited to speak at the 5th Regional Energy Conference in Sofia

The 5th Regional Energy Conference on “Regional Energy Development and Energy Security will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria from October 28-29. The President has been invited to speak on “Energy … Continue reading

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Geostrategic Dialogue Series

As of this Fall, The Observatory will propose a series of monthly conferences with experts entitled the Geostrategic Dialogue Series (GDS).  The theme for the Fall is “Europe and its … Continue reading

September 22, 2014

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RSS Foreign Affairs Middle East

  • Iran's "Dignity" Dialogue
    Tehran Changed Its Negotiating Tactics—Here's Why March 30, 2015 Mohammad Ali Shabani Summary:  In a YouTube address last November, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif dropped Tehran’s usual mantra about Iran’s right to enrich and spoke instead of negotiating with dignity. The video went viral in Iran, and the sentiment behind it seems to be paying off […]
  • Iraq Isn't the Right Front
    A Syria-First Strategy to Fight ISIS March 29, 2015 Hassan Hassan Summary:  Although ISIS defeats in Tikrit and other Sunni areas would seem like good things, the United States should tread carefully. The air campaign against ISIS in Iraq has reached its limits; more strikes won’t help against ISIS and will only further destabilize the sectarian balance in t […]
  • Houthi and the Blowback
    Saudi Arabia Steps in to Yemen March 29, 2015 Bilal Y. Saab Summary:  With the intervention in Yemen, Saudi Arabia’s military is trying to kill several birds with one stone: safeguard the country from an immediate military threat, assert its leadership of the Arab world, and redress what it sees as a geopolitical imbalance in the Middle East between itself a […]
  • Netanyahu's Right of Way
    How the Israeli Left Fell Behind March 26, 2015 Daniel Kurtzer Summary:  The ultimate victory in Israeli elections belongs not to Netanyahu but to the country's right wing. The results showed that this force has become a permanent majority—a strength that comes regardless of who leads it. Benjamin Netanyahu's victory in Israel’s election last week […]
  • Houthi Who?
    A History of Unlikely Alliances in an Uncertain Yemen March 25, 2015 Asher Orkaby Summary:  The Houthis are one of the most effective military forces combating the expansion of al Qaeda and ISIS in the Arabian Peninsula. If the West turns its back on the Houthi leadership because of antagonistic slogans, opportunistic relations with Iran, or Hadi’s protestat […]

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RSS International Maritime Organisation

  • 08-bwm-study March 20, 2015
    Page Heading: IMO launches online surveys on ballast water management systems Article Date: 20/03/2015 Description: All stakeholders involved in testing, approval, fitting and operation of ballast water management systems invited to complete online surveys. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown
  • 07-shiparc2015 March 19, 2015
    Page Heading: Call for papers for 2015 international conference on Arctic shipping (ShipArc 2015) Page Subheading: International Conference on Safe and Sustainable Shipping in a Changing Arctic Environment (ShipArc 2015), 25-27 August 2015, WMU, Malmö, Sweden Article Date: 19/03/2015 Description: IMO, WMU and PAME (Arctic Council) issue call for papers for I […]
    Natasha Brown
  • 06-coral-sea-routeing March 16, 2015
    Page Heading: Ship routeing measures to protect Australia’s Coral Sea agreed Page Subheading: Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR), 2nd session, 9-13 March, 2015 Article Date: 16/03/2015 Description: Area to be avoided and two-way shipping routes agreed, to protect Australia's Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve. Ro […]
    Natasha Brown
  • 05-migrantsends March 9, 2015
    Page Heading: UN agencies to deliver as one on mixed migration by sea Article Date: 09/03/2015 Description: Mechanism to be established to enhance inter-agency communication for maritime aspects of mixed migration by sea. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown
  • 04-unsafemigrationbyseaopening March 4, 2015
    Page Heading: UN agencies meet to address unsafe mixed migration by sea Article Date: 04/03/2015 Description: Mechanism to enhance inter-agency communication to be established. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown

RSS OPEC Press Releases

  • Executive Meeting between OPEC and Siemens AG February 4, 2015
    An Executive Meeting between OPEC and Siemens AG took place in Vienna on Thursday, 5 February 2015. The meeting was chaired by HE Abdalla Salem El-Badri, OPEC Secretary General, and Mr Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG.

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