Dr Shmelova and France Mochel at PSB

The President invited Dr Shmelova and France Mochel to speak to her class on European Institutions from two different perspectives :

Dr Shmelova spoke to the students about Ukraine and its desire to join the EU and the origins of the Euromaidan movement in Kyiv.

march 2014 006








France Mochel, former Senior Administator at the European Commission spoke about her work at the Commission and her role and experience in the Eastern Neighborhood Policy area and her experience in the region.

march 2014 008

The President, Dr Shmelova and Dr Craciun speak at the 6th Geopolitical Festival in Grenoble

The President, Dr Shmelova and Dr Craciun at the International Center in Grenoble followinmarch 2014 016g their conferences at the 6th Geopolitical Festival, April 4.  The overall theme of this year’s Festival was “Eurasia”.

The President spoke on the “EU-Russia relationship”; Dr Shmelova spoke about “Euromaidan” and Dr Craciun spoke about “Regions, Regionalism and the Danube Region.

We look forward to participating in next year’s Festival.


La Présidente à Rabat

La Présidente a été invité le 28 mars dernier par l’IRES et la Konrad Adenauer Stiftung pour participer aux tables rondes sur le thème des “Enjeux et Défis de la situation sécuritaire en Afrique pour la Coopération régionale.”

The President was invited on March 28 by IRES and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung to participate in round tables on the theme of  “Stakes and Challenges of the security situation in Africa for Regional cooperation.”

Elle a fait sa présentation sur” l’action de la Communauté internationale en République Centrafricaine” : quatre volets :  politico-militaire et sécuritaire, humanitaire, institutionnel, et économique

She did a presentation on the “Actions of the International Community in the Central African Republic.  The presentation was divided up into four sections : political/military/security; humanitarian; institutional; and economic.

En voici le lien : http://www.ires.ma/fr/rencontres-et-debats/enjeux-et-defis-de-la-situation-securitaire-en-afrique-pour-la-cooperation-regionale-et#.UzlFqoUUtnE

Geostrategy of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea

In case you missed our first issue of the Geostrategic Maritime Review, it is a good time to take a look at Dr Irina Isakova’s article on page 29, entitled “Geostrategy of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea”

Here is the introduction of the article :

In 2013 the Russian Black Sea Fleet celebrated its 430th anniversary, tracing its roots to
1783, when Russia conquered the Crimea and established the port of Sevastopol. From
its formation the fleet asserted a strong strategic presence in the Black Sea region and a
swift response to any threats against the nation.  It‘s current reshaping symbolises renewed attempts of turning Russia’s only year-round warm-water fleet into a viable force capable of conducting a wide range of maritime operations.

To continue reading, click on the link to read the article online : http://obgms.org/geostrategic-maritime-review/contents-gmr-n1/ 

Dr Rebel Hanna and Dr Yana Korobko on France 24

Dr Yana Korobko and Dr Rebel Hanna were both interviewed @France24_eng last week regarding the #GCC crisis and the recalling of ambassadors.

Here is the link to Dr Korobko’s intervention : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1PSDAtjhV0&feature=youtu.be

Please contact our Chair Directors, Dr Shmelova in #Ukraine and Dr Hanna in #Lebanon to line up our scholars on the critical subjects of the day.

François Lafond talks to ESGMS students about the European Union

FL ESGMS 28022014The Observatory has organised its first “séminaire sandwich” at a French business school, the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion in Paris today.

As member of the Scientific Council at the Observatory and expert on EU Affairs, and Executive Director of Europa Nova, François Lafond was invited to speak to Masters students over lunch time about “Europe at the crossroads”.

He explained the competencies, the challenges, the enlargement and political processes of the European Union, the Commission and the Parliament and spoke about the upcoming EU parliamentary elections in May.

Should you wish to invite one of our Scientific Council members to your school or company to address the issues of the day, please contact in  :

FRANCE : the President : president@obgms.org

THE BLACK SEA : Dr Svitlana Shmelova : blackseachairdirector@obgms.org

THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA : Dr Rebel Hanna : medseachairdirector@obgms.org

OBGMS sera présent au 6e Festival de Geopolitique à Grenoble

We are pleased to announce that four of our Scientific Council members will be attending and speaking at the 6th Geopolitical Festival in #Grenoble from April 3-6.  The Theme this year is #EURASIA.

They are :

The President : Ellen Wasylina

Scientific Council Members : Dr Svitlana Shmelova, Dr Craciun Ioan and Dr Rebel Hanna.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Moez El Elj and IDEES publish “Tunisie l’espoir : mode d’emploi pour une reprise”

Our Research Associate, Moez El Elj, who is Vice-President of IDEES (Initiative pour le Développement Economique et Social : www.idees-tunisie.com ), has just published a group publication in French, entitled :  TUNISIE L’ESPOIR: MODE D’EMPLOI POUR UNE REPRISE

Under the direction of IDEES’ President, Elyès Jouini, Moez coordinated this publication which was realised on the base of research, analysis and contributions of a group of economistes and specialists.

Contributeurs :

Lotfi Ben Aïssa, Hakim Bécheur, Mehdi Ben Braham, Mekki Ben Jemaa, Ali Chebbi, Moez El Elj, Aïda Hamdi, Mohamed Hjaiej, Mondher Khanfir, Mohamed Kriaa, Kaouther Latiri, Abderahmen Legha, Makram Montacer, Dhafer Saidane