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“Securing the periphery of the EU : mission impossible?”

In light of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Mediterranean Sea, and in preparation for our bi-annual event in June in Paris with a special GMR issue on the Mediterranean, … Continue reading

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European Union Energy Security : the Role of North Africa

Looking forward to our June 11 breakfast on the Mediterranean security challenges, Nicolas Mazzuchi (Associate researcher at IRIS, Geoeconomist, founder of Polemos Consulting, lecturer at HEC Paris, Science Po Lille … Continue reading

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“Outsourcing Nation-states’ Maritime Security sovereignty”

In the wake of the migration crisis in the Mediterranean Sea, and as we prepare our GMR event on the Mediterranean Sea on June 11th under François Lafond’s directions, we … Continue reading

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Dr Rebel Hanna interviewed on risks in MENA

Dr Rebel Hanna, member of the Observatory’s Scientific Council, was interviewed  in 2013, following his lecture at the Grenoble Geopolitical Festival,  for the first issue of our flagship bi-annual publication, … Continue reading

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#Subsummit photos

Our own Dr John Bruni, Director of Sage International, with his partners, Hargraves Insitute and RUSI Australia, organised a high-level event in Adelaide on the future of the submarine industry … Continue reading

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Save the date : June 11, 2015

Under François Lafond’s direction, The President and the IGMO (International Geostrategic Maritime Observatory) will organise a breakfast on June 11, 2015 in Paris around the 4th issue of our bi-annual … Continue reading

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The President contributes her expertise to

The President has offered her 20+ years of experience to Startup Bootcamp as a Mentor. To sign up  : See you there!

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Dr John Bruni interviewed by ISN following #Subsummit

Our Scientic Council and GMTF member, Dr Bruni was interviewed by the ISN (the International Relations and Security Network) in Zurich on the outcome of a very successful #subsummit organized … Continue reading

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GMTF Chairman, Jean-Paul Pancracio, opens new blog

Our GMTF Chairman, Professor emeritus, Jean-Paul Pancracio, has started a second blog in French entitled, “Droit de la Mer et des Littoraux : Here is a list of his many … Continue reading

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The President’s booksigning at L’Harmattan in Paris

Thank you to all those who came to the first booksigning event at L’Harmattan on February 17 in Paris to get their personalised copy of “Ukraine : prémices of guerre … Continue reading

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RSS Foreign Affairs Middle East

  • Iran and the Bomb 2
    A New Hope April 16, 2015 Gideon Rose There is no more controversial issue on the foreign policy agenda than how to deal with Iran’s nuclear program. A year and a half ago, we published Iran and the Bomb, containing highlights from three decades of our coverage on the topic. Since then, the issue has remained on the world’s front burner, with the direct nego […]
  • Settling Settlements
    Netanyahu's Real Policies, Before and After the Election April 16, 2015 Elliott Abrams and Uri Sadot Summary:  The United States and Europe frequently criticized Netanyahu's settlement policy as expanding Israeli presence in the West Bank. Meanwhile, right-wing constituencies in Israel lashed out at Netanyahu for doing the exact opposite. In fact, […]
  • Bleeding in Yemen
    The Looming Humanitarian Crisis April 15, 2015 Philippe Bolopion and Belkis Wille Summary:  The Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign in Yemen is off to a dreadful start, at least when it comes to the civilian toll. And now that the United States has offered its support, it will be associated with the bloodshed. The Saudi Arabia­–led bombing campaign in Yemen is […]
  • Caliphate of Law
    ISIS' Ground Rules April 15, 2015 Andrew F. March and Mara Revkin Summary:  Debating whether ISIS is really "Islamic" or is better understood as an exotic apocalyptic death cult does not bring the world closer to understanding how the group governs. Indeed, whatever it believes about the apocalypse, it sees itself as creating a distinctive leg […]
  • The Algeria Alternative
    Why Algiers Defends Order at Home—But Not Abroad April 15, 2015 Geoff D. Porter Summary:  From conflict in Mali to Libya's dangerous morass, Algeria has never faced such serious threats directly on its own borders. For the moment, the country appears determined to follow its usual strategy of pushing for political solutions to the external crises while […]

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  • 11 WRCEIF April 13, 2015
    Page Heading: The Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention enters into force Article Date: 13/04/2015 Description: Nairobi International Convention on the Removal of Wrecks places strict liability on owners for locating, marking and removing wrecks deemed to be a hazard. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown
  • IMO-welcomes-newest-Member-State- April 8, 2015
    Page Heading: IMO welcomes newest Member State Page Subheading: High Commissioner visit marks Zambia’s membership of IMO Article Date: 08/04/2015 Description: IMO welcomes newest Member State Rollup Image:
    Karine Langlois
  • 09-SG--candidates April 1, 2015
    Page Heading: Six candidates for position of IMO Secretary-General Article Date: 01/04/2015 Description: The election for the IMO Secretary-General will be held at the IMO Council, 114th session, 29 June to 3 July 2015. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown
  • 08-bwm-study March 20, 2015
    Page Heading: IMO launches online surveys on ballast water management systems Article Date: 20/03/2015 Description: All stakeholders involved in testing, approval, fitting and operation of ballast water management systems invited to complete online surveys. Rollup Image:
    Natasha Brown
  • 07-shiparc2015 March 19, 2015
    Page Heading: Call for papers for 2015 international conference on Arctic shipping (ShipArc 2015) Page Subheading: International Conference on Safe and Sustainable Shipping in a Changing Arctic Environment (ShipArc 2015), 25-27 August 2015, WMU, Malmö, Sweden Article Date: 19/03/2015 Description: IMO, WMU and PAME (Arctic Council) issue call for papers for I […]
    Natasha Brown

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  • Executive Meeting between OPEC and Siemens AG February 4, 2015
    An Executive Meeting between OPEC and Siemens AG took place in Vienna on Thursday, 5 February 2015. The meeting was chaired by HE Abdalla Salem El-Badri, OPEC Secretary General, and Mr Joe Kaeser, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG.

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